That is the question

Most of us go through life wondering about what isn’t.  Why didn’t this happen?  Why can’t I have that?  Why oh why.

My question is: what is?  When I inventory what is, I’m quite pleased with all that I have and all that I’ve accomplished.  When I worry about what isn’t, I’m never pleased.  There is always something else.

I think I’m going to start taking into account those things that are here and now.  Not what could have been or what should have been. We all have a right to question what could have been, what would have happened if… But does it really move you in the direction of your dreams?  Identifying my dreams and setting goals to get there is the only way my dreams have come true.

And, occasionally, life throws in a wrench or two – just to keep it interesting.  No amount of worrying about “what isn’t” will fix that.  So, I’m going with “what is” because it’s all good. Seems like a mental perspective I can control quite easily.

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