First Day of School

I can’t figure out why knowing the kids are going back to school this week is so exciting to me. Yes, I will have more sanity as I won’t be answering 50 questions: can you take us here or there? Can I go over to so and so’s house? Can you give me $20 for that thing I really don’t need? The endless chatter and interruptions will not be missed, and I will look forward to having a few hours each day where I don’t have to worry where they are, what they are doing, and if they have the common sense to deal with new situations.

This is different. I think there is something more primal going on. Each year I notice I respond to a “newness” that affects my attitude and drives what I want to be doing. I guess it’s like a need to “nest,” but for the company. You know what I mean – the need to get ready for something exciting or get prepared for things to come.

I wonder if this feeling is the mental anticipation that we experienced year after year of going back to see our friends, getting new teachers both good and bad, and getting out of the house with another year of experience leading to new independence. It’s burned in my brain. The weather has some affect as well.

This is simply an exciting time of year. I’m compelled to do new and fresh activities like planning for next year and designing new marketing campaigns that match the strategy. I’m even excited to get back to networking. (I have to admit I got a little burned-out on networking by June.) My energy is way up, my attitude is bright, and I see opportunity everywhere I turn.

I guess I don’t need to understand it, rather learn to leverage it. I’m curious. Do you get the same surge of excitement about what you’re doing this time of year?


One response to “First Day of School

  1. As a matter of fact it just so happens it has always been an exciting time of year for me. In the old business we would be getting ready for our seasonal blast off. Then while I have been in hibernation for three years now. God seems to be leading back into the wild and September looks to be an exciting month.

    Great post thanks

    Hey how about adding an email reader

    Have a great day Renee

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