What you can learn from gardening

They say gardening is a great is a great outdoor activity. And, I have to agree a beautiful garden is something to be very proud of. What amazes me is the amount of work it takes to create a beautiful garden.

I think I went into having a large garden with beautiful stone walls thinking you set it up and that’s that. It should only take a little bit of maintenance each year – no problem. Unfortunately, it’s just not like that. A great garden is a commitment. To reap the benefit and glory of the color requires knowledge, care and feeding. And, as I just realized after a couple weeks of vacation, it cannot be neglected or the effort to recover is tremendous. And, it’s going to take me a few weekends to get this one back into shape.

Now, the initial task was quite daunting. I actually filled up three large garden bags overflowing with weeds. Only weeds. I have to admit it was impossible to get started. So, I decided to work in regions. Finish this one then move to the next one. Periodically, I’d stop to load a bag so that part didn’t look too daunting. In a couple hours I was done with phase 1. It felt great. Actually, the cornflowers and hydrangea look wonderful – now you can see them.

A friend stopped by and noticed all the progress. Boy, it felt great.

While pulling weeds, I started thinking I should use this “regional” method to get my work done during the week. It always seems so daunting.  As a result, I keep putting off the big things. But getting things done in parts is progress!  I’m going to break things down and plan the attack. It might work!


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