The Future of Female Values – A Chat with Larry Berezin

In response to a question from @LarryBerezin in a comment, I created this response.  I’m hoping it’s a good blog that you all like.  🙂  He asks:  “What are your thoughts about the changing style of female leadership, in the political and business arenas. Can you share some examples of women who lead with ‘values, collaboration, transparency and trust.'”

I believe women have decided to change themselves, and what they choose to address is what they think is expected of them. I know I did. It diluted my power and potential, but was perceived as successful. (Always bothered me because I know in my heart of hearts that I am more successful using my true abilities that I learned to hide.) Ahhh. The benefit of experience and 2020 vision.

I know I’m not the minority. It’s confusing to enter a man’s world. (Note, I’m old – ha! I entered the workforce in 1984.) I simply didn’t have the requisite knowledge to succeed in this environment. Trial and error was the only mode of operation. And, the women above me fought so hard, they didn’t learn when to stop. (Read: few role models I really wanted to use.)

Well, I’m into paying it forward these days. Every female executive is REQUIRED to share their learnings in context of this time and must find the patience to allow the real talent emerge. We must support the evolution required to get management 1.0 to management 2.o, and allow women to play their role not because they demand it but exemplify it.

My take on this generation is they don’t see the divide that I did. Good for them! It only exists if we let it. It’s a start toward the goal.

Who knows who will emerge as key, known women. There are way too many factors and conditions to tell. But they will. Studies show it. Have they emerged? Hard to tell, women aren’t good at PR. I go to a lot of women-oriented events and there is no lack of talent. However, I’m not aware of anyone FAMOUS that I’d like to set out as an example. I can’t think of anyone you’d know (so sad), but I can think of plenty like Dean Mary Futrell from GW’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Now, what’s incredible is the #wbf09 parade of men walking the women’s walk and talking the women’s talk. If women don’t wake up I’m going to have to kick them in the…[fill-in-the-blank]. The opportunity is now to just leverage what you have and be the best you that you can be! Now, is that comment for women? Nope! But, it’s a matter of time before you and I are exchanging ideas of women who meet the model. 

Let the exchanage begin!


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