About me

I was born in a small town in Oklahoma … (really, I was).

Seriously.  I’m a serial entrepreneur fascinated with importance of the role that business – small and large – plays in our economy.  And, I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of my career to doing my part to strengthen business where ever I can. 

I started off as a techy running software engineering organizations during the dot-com era (yes, that was a long time ago).  I gained a reputation for knowing how to get things done, delivering high-quality software, and addressing client’s real concerns (not always the stated ones).  I know now I was really learning how to drive a business through its logical stages successfully.  I worked with startups in a variety of industries such as healthcare, benefits administration, pharmaceuticals, banking, elearning.  I also ran big engineering shops in telco and Government consulting.  All this cross-industry exposure really helps me be more creative when looking for solutions.

I sold the last tech company I ran, which was a difficult turn-around situation.  Not because the folks didn’t want success to happen, rather they were caught up in their own view of the world.  At that time, I decided to leverage what I learned about business to fill a gap.  I simply needed supplemental help with staff to help drive the change I needed so I could focus on strategy, direction and sales.  So, my partner (who happened to be the COO at the time) and I started a company to do just that – help business owners get the support they need to drive strategic alignment, operational efficiency and customer loyalty throughout the organization.  The nice thing is we only work on solving problems that make a difference.  This company is called the Pensare Group.  Pensare means “thinking” in Italian.  We help business owners think through their real issues and deliver results that count.  You can find us at www.pensaregroup.com.

I have another love.  Innovation.  Ever notice that large companies grow stale and complacent?  Well, we noticed entrepreneurial ideas seem to be few and far between in these organizations.  I have another partnership where I get to focus on bringing entrepreneurial methods to life in large business with the objective of stimulating new and creative thought.  And, there is software involved (couldn’t give it up totally.) More importantly, we make sure the creativity translates into new revenue and competitive differentiation using accountability methods.  This company is called Path Forward International.  And, yes, we do work internationally and focus quite a bit on the needs of women as our presence in business continues to grow and expand.  You can learn more at www.pathforwardintl.com.

I’m proud of a few other things.  I teach in the UMBC ACTiVATE program, which is an entrepreneurship program for mid-career women who are technical and want to start their own business around intellectual property.  I serve on the advisory board for the George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development working to ensure our teachers of the future are prepare and technically adept.  I have been active in PTA (my kids are 14 and 10) and local civic associations.  I love to spend my time at Deep Creek Lake with the whole family and friends who dare to come “camping” with us.


4 responses to “About me

  1. You made my day! Thanks!

  2. You are one terrific lady! Love your hair!

  3. You grew up in Oklahoma!? So did I–that’s why we got along so well at WIPP:)

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