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To tweet or not to tweet – why ask?

It always cracks me up when people say ask why I Twitter.  Besides the fact that it’s called “tweeting,” I enjoy Twitter because I’ve met so many incredible people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met, or gotten to know folks I already knew better.  For me, tweeting is a way of connecting with people who have similar interests.  You can find people who like cars, money, music, Jesus, or bands.  You name it.  I also get great data from the Twitterverse.  I can search on any key word and find out what’s in motion on a topic – any topic. 

If you’re looking to get started on Twitter, just get folks who have an account to follow you then follow some of the folks they follow.  In time, you’ll get a nice stream of tweets scrolling by.  If you’re real new, just ask anyone who has a good following to “re-tweet” that you’re new and looking for followers.  I do it all the time when someone announces a new-be.  You just never know who might connect. I personally like the organic connection method over advertised automated methods.  Just seems more real. If your following isn’t connecting with you because of something you say or do, then what’s the point?

Then chat. Be yourself.  People who like what you say or like the questions you ask will connect with you, they will forward your tweets to their following, and before you know it you’ve got so many tweets to read you can’t keep up.  Check in on a regular basis.  One thing I did was have Monty Python quote night on Sundays.  It was so much fun how many Monty Python followers came out of the closet!  People looked forward to contributing.

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of people who use Twitter to sell directly unless they do it in a way that really helps others in the Twitterverse.  You can do it, but I’d think hard about how you do it. I’m also not a big fan of those who choose to show, describe or display body parts that are generally covered.  This seems to be a big trend lately. I’ve become a little more discerning about who I follow and even had to block a few. 

Come join us.  It’s a great place to play, learn and “listen.”  I have to personally think @rockingjude who helped me get connected to the Twitterverse and answered many of my questions early on.  And, no I do not know her.  She just helped a stranger who to this day is thankful she saw my tweet scrolling by asking a silly quesiton and took the time to help.  She totally rocks and is still quite special to me. TYVM